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Iro Vassallo Cesareo

Mr. Iro Vassallo Cesareo was the main original founding member of Viroc International Limited, who together with his brother Oscar established the company in 1924 as O.I VASSALLO.

With admirable foresight and a keen business sense they built up a lucrative business, but unfortunately the latter died before he could see the full fruits of his efforts realised.

The business was completely taken over by Mr. Iro Vassallo Cesareo, and under his able guidance continued to expand, until at the outbreak of the Second World War it was second to none in Malta

In June 1968 Mr. Iro Vassallo Cesareo died suddenly, and his son, Mr. Attilio Vassallo Cesareo, took over as Managing Director. Under his guidance the Company continued to expand and today sits as the Chairman of the company.

Profiles malta,

Attilio Vassallo Cesareo

Mr. Attilio Vassallo Cesareo, our late chairman, was the son of the founder of the Company.  He ran the Company for 55 years, officially being at the helm for 45 of these having successfully taken over following his father’s death, until his own untimely demise in September of 2013.  Under his able guidance the company grew from strength to strength and reached unprecedented heights and results.  Mr. Attilio Vassallo Cesareo was responsible for the oversight of all activities within the group including the development and implementation of policies and procedures.  As chairman he duly managed departmental supervision, finances, human resources and strategy for business development.

Utilising management skills attained over the years, Mr. Vassallo Cesareo also served as Chairman to INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT GROUP LTD., a Company involved in high profile property development and as director to INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY LTD., an official distributor of top American and European Corporations dealing in heavy machinery and port equipment.

As recognition of his contribution to the business community, Mr. Attilio Vassallo Cesareo was featured in the prestigious publication “INTERNATIONAL WHO’S WHO OF PROFESSIONALS”.

Profiles malta,

Mark Vassallo Cesareo

Mr. Mark Vassallo Cesareo was privately educated at St. Edwards College Malta for thirteen years.  Having obtained his A-Levels he entered the University of Malta where he studied for four years in the faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy.  Mark graduated in 2006 with Honours specialising in Management and covering Public Policy as a secondary area of study.

In 2008 Mark read for a Masters in Management and Leadership at Webster University at the prestigious Regents College London.  Mark Vassallo Cesareo Graduated with Distinction cum laude having come first in the course.

Following studies abroad and a stint working in Brussels, Mr. Mark Vassallo Cesareo settled back in Malta and worked in the capacity of Business Development Manager.  As part of that role within the company Mr. Vassallo Cesareo was responsible for identifying new business opportunities and profitable business markets in which to expand the every growing company portfolio.  His numerous contacts made whilst studying and working abroad proved pivotal in succeeding in this role.

Mr. Mark Vassallo Cesareo has also worked at the European Marine Equipment Council in Brussels as a Research Officer and Project Assistant.  In this capacity Mr. Vassallo Cesareo liaised frequently with personnel falling within the highest echelons of the European Union and Industry, ranging from Commissioners, MEP’s and Industry leaders.

As from 2013 Mr. Mark Vassallo Cesareo has become the Managing Director of the Company and is responsible for the oversight of all activities within the group.  Focusing on the development and implementation of policies and procedures, he manages departmental supervision, finances, human resources and strategy for business development.

Mr. Vassallo Cesareo diligently maintains operations in an effort to secure the success of the Company founded by his Grandfather ninety two years ago, and grown into one of Malta’s foremost companies by his father over the last fifty years. 

Profiles malta,

Andrea Vassallo Cesareo

Architect and Civil Engineer, Andrea Vassallo Cesareo was privately educated at St. Edwards College Malta for thirteen years.  Having obtained his A-Levels in Maths and Physics Andrea entered the University of Malta where he studied Architecture and Civil Engineering.  During his five year course Mr. Vassallo Cesareo took part in the first exchange program for Architects and Civil Engineers and spent a six month stint studying at the University of Bologna, Italy.  He graduated from the University of Malta in 2005 with honours. 

In 2007, having obtained considerable experience in the professional field, Andrea Vassallo Cesareo read for a Master of Science in Structural Steel Design and Business Management whilst participating in the Advanced Structural Engineering MSc program at the  prestigious Imperial College, London.  Mr. Vassallo Cesareo excelled in his course and his final project was submitted for a competition organised and judged by the influential Institution of Structural Engineers (IstructE) .  His work was awarded first prize for outstanding design in buildings.

Mr. Andrea Vassallo Cesareo acts as a dirctor for Viroc International Ltd; His primary focus is on the managment of the company’s property portfolio, aswell as identifying property market trends and niches and analysing development opportunities and potential.   Moreover, Andrea is also a founding partner of the architectural firm ‘CVC architecture’, which frequently collaborates with Viroc International Ltd on public tenders which involve civil, architectural and engineering works.

Profiles malta,

Roberta Gabarretta

Roberta Gabarretta, nee Vassallo Cesareo,  was educated at the convent of Sacred Heart in St.Julian’s Malta.  After eleven fruitful years she prepared for her A-Levels at St. Edward’s College Malta sixth form were she studied languages.


Ms. Roberta Gabarretta has been with the company for over twenty years and is an expert at logistical panning.  Throughout the years she has overseen the planning and implementation of major projects and almost single handily planned all the transport, movement of goods and people as well as liaising with our Principals. 

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