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About VIROC International Ltd amlta,

VIROC INTERNATIONAL LTD, was established in 1924 as O. I. VASSALLO having its registered office in our Capital's main street, 50 metres away from the President's palace and surrounded by Malta's main banks.

The business of O. I. VASSALLO, est 1924, was established by Mr. Oscar Vassallo Cesareo and Mr. Iro Vassallo Cesareo, respectively great uncle and grandfather of the present Managing Director.  At that time Malta was still an island fortress, and much of the business undertaken by the firm dealt with the British services.  With admirable foresight and a keen business sense they built up a lucrative business, but unfortunately the former died before he could see the full fruits of his efforts realised.

The business was completely taken over by his brother, Mr. Iro Vassallo Cesareo, and under his able guidance continued to expand, until at the outbreak of the Second World War it was second to none in Malta.  Like so many other Companies, the war exacted its toll, and its large and extensive office premises in Britannia Street Valletta were completely destroyed by enemy bombing.

Mr. Iro Vassallo Cesareo had to start again from scratch, and thanks to his able efforts he succeeded within a short time in building up the company to its former eminence.  It made an honoured name for itself among exporters in Europe and established Branch Offices in Italy and North Africa.

One aspect of the early success of the Company's activities was the large contract which it obtained for the resurfacing of Luqa Airport runways from the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works supplying 120,000 tonnes of Aggregate and Bitumen.

In June 1968 Mr. Iro Vassallo Cesareo died suddenly, and his son, Mr. Attilio Vassallo Cesareo, took over as Managing Director.  Under his guidance the Company continued to expand, and it is interesting to note that it again obtained the contract for resurfacing the runways of our International Airport, a measure of confidence placed in it by the Government.  Mr. Attilio Vassallo Cesareo served as Chairman of the group up until his untimely demise in September 2013.

Over the years the importation of building materials became a very important aspect of its business, supplying the major building firms engaged in Malta's building boom.

As the years progressed, O. I. VASSALLO, EST 1924 became one of the major trading Companies in Malta and diversified its activities into many fields, establishing a number of subsidiary Companies specialising in various products and activities.

On the 13th of September 1996 O. I. VASSALLO EST 1924 changed its name to VIROC INTERNATIONAL LTD (EST 1924) and is today mainly active in the following fields: Energy, Defence, Telecommunications, Air Traffic Controlling equipment, I.T peripherals, Fibre Optic Cables, Power Cables, Secondary Distribution Equipment, Building materials and supplies, Medical and Scientific equipment and Electrical Supplies, Aviation, Naval Vessels, Architecture and Design, Structural Engineering as well as bespoke furnishing and fittings of edifices in various markets.

Today VIROC INTERNATIONAL LTD is in its third generation as the late Chairman Mr. Attilio Vassallo Cesareo has now been succeeded by his three children who are contributing to the ever increasing success and expansion of this prestigious company. With the guidance and experience of our late Chairman as a pillar of the Company over the years, together with the fresh enthusiasm of the board, VIROC INTERNATIONAL LTD is always looking to expand further and explore new grounds and generate new business to add to the success story of one of the oldest companies in Malta.  Market trends are constantly and carefully studied and analysed, therefore business ventures are always aimed to be set up in only the most profitable areas.

Recently VIROC INTERNATIOANL LTD was awarded by Heritage Malta, a Government Department, a very prestigious contract, i.e. the covering of two seven-thousand year old Temples (the oldest free standing structures in the world).  This site is a World Heritage protected area.  Apart from these high-tech shelters VIROC INTERNATIONAL LTD has also supplied Heritage Malta with all the Museum Display cases for the newly built visitor centre which will bring these two projects together.

In 2013, VIROC INTERNATIONAL LTD was awarded one of the largest contracts ever issued by the Government of Malta in supplying the Armed Forces of Malta with three state of the art Helicopters for Search and Rescue and Boarder Control.  The contract also included a training package for all the pilots and technicians.  The third helicopter was delivered to Malta on the 23rd May 2016.

In October 2018, VIROC INTERNATIONAL LTD was awarded the largest single contract ever by the Armed Forces of Malta for the Design, Construction, Testing and delivery of an Off Shore Patrol Vessel.  The 75 meter vessel is now in the final stages of completion and will be delivered to the Armed Forces of Malta shortly.

Till today we strive to achieve and maintain a leading position in the industry by continuously expanding our range of products, availability, reliability and technical stability.

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